A car engine bay protects the car’s engine. Thus, regular maintenance of the engine bay is important. Since the engine is the life of a car, many car owners are hesitant to take their car for a thorough engine bay clean up fearing that it can all go downhill, because not every service provider can do justice. Experienced professionals with years of practice and proper knowledge can execute this complicated cleaning following standard procedures. If you want a reliable engine bay cleaning service you can hire professionals for car wash Calgary service.

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What Are the Steps Followed to Clean an Engine Bay?

A standard professional engine bay clean up involves several steps. Here, we have tried to explain in detail all the steps that professionals follow for cleaning your engine bay –

Engine is cooled

Before cleaning the engine bay, the experts make sure that the engine is cooled down. For this, no cold water is sprayed on the hot engine to avoid damage. Instead, the hood is detached and the engine is left to cool down at a natural pace. 

Ensure the cap and covers are closed

After the engine is cooled, the experts thoroughly check and ensure that the cap and covers are all sealed appropriately. No water and washing liquid must slip inside the engine. Thus, this is a crucial step to follow.

Safeguard the Filters and Electric system

The experts, when washing an engine bay, make sure that the battery terminal is disconnected. The electrical parts are securely taped and zipped with electrical tapes. They without fail ensure that the crucial areas like the alternator, distributor cap, coil packs, fuse box, filters all are properly guarded.

Dry Cleaning

Before misting the engine bay with water, dry cleaning is executed. In this step, all the loose dirt is cleaned thoroughly by vacuuming first. Then, the narrow crevices are cleaned with brushes.

Misting the engine bay

The engine bay is misted with the right temperature water. The experts while providing car wash in Calgary make sure that the water is misted and not sprayed with a great force. This assures that no water accidentally slips inside the engine, yet the cleaning is executed effectively.


Right after the engine is misted with water; professionals apply the appropriate degreaser in the exposed surface and rinse clean the entire engine bay, investing more time in areas where the grime and dirt have accumulated.


Using appropriate professional tools, the engine bay is cleaned and rinsed thoroughly by the experts. Rinsing requires professional expertise because engine bay protects the engine, and any damage to the engine bay can cause water and liquid slippage. As a result, the engine bay can be damaged.  This is why; careful car owners avail expert services like interior car cleaning Calgary and keep their car safe.


Once the cleaning is over, the engine bay is dried completely. The engine hood is kept open during the process.


After the entire process of cleaning and drying is completed successfully, experts cautiously dress the silicone, rubber, plastic constituents after the coverings and tapes are removed so that they do not crack.

Final words

Letting the engine bay accumulate grime and dust is not ideal for car health. Car owners must be aware that cleaning the engine bay gives new life to the engine. If you are a car owner and want efficient and effective engine bay wash, collaborate with Happy Bays Car Wash & Detail Centre and avail interior car cleaning Calgary service to keep your car in good health. You may call 403-247-8338 or mail at info@happybays.ca for an engine bay wash and other car washes.