Owning a car is often counted as the second most important investment that you have made in your life, the first is that of owning a house. A car is not just the medium of transportation but also acts as a remembrance of your social status. That is why most car owners try to keep their vehicles as clean and pristine as possible. The more you take care of your car and keep it in “just out of showroom” condition, the more people start having a liking towards you, and we are not kidding. 

There are two typical ways of cleaning your car. One, where you have to clean your car yourself in your garage, and the other is going to a professional car washer for the job. When you think of it, most of the time, you are unable to provide the cleanliness that the car requires when you do it yourself, and a majority of the reasons revolve around either you being busy or not having the exact chemicals required for the work. This blog would highlight the difference between coin car wash at a professional and doing it yourself. 

Car Washes: Various Kinds

Car wash is much more than just cleaning the exterior with the help of chemicals or soapy water. You would also have to keep the interior clean and get it detailed time and again. Routine maintenance would also ensure that the resale value of your car is high in the market. Now, car washes are of a few different kinds such as:

Automatic car wash: In this kind of car wash, you take your car to the professional facility and then it goes through a mechanical system. This system is equipped with various features that allow your car to wash spot-free, thoroughly. 

Touch-free car wash: In this type of car wash, your car goes through a mechanism where water is splashed from all corners, and yet no brushes are touching the paint, ensuring the car is thoroughly washed.

Coin car wash: When you go for this kind of car wash, you get to choose the different features you want to be working on your car by paying for each of them. Also known as wand wash in Calgaryyou would be able to clean your car yourself but in the professional facility using the best of chemicals meant specifically for the car.

What Is Do It Yourself Car Wash?

As you might have guessed, in this kind of car wash, you wash your car yourself in the privacy of your garage. Not only labour intensive, but you also might not even know the various chemicals that work the best for your car without harming the same, let alone the high retail costs of those chemicals. 

Why Choose Coin Car Wash?

One of the most important reasons why people often opt for a coin car wash is the convenience factor of the same. All you have to do is visit the facility that offers you private bays to use for the cleaning, and that’s it. You have to pay for the options you choose, and that makes the system all the more beneficial. Several facilities also offer a drying time for the car once it has been washed.

Conclusion: Based in Calgary, Happy Bays is one of the finest facilities you can visit for coin car washThe place is well-equipped with latest equipment and state of the art technology which you can make use of for your car washing. Apart from the regular car wash, you also get the convenience of choosing between auto detailing packages according to your budget. Should you want to know more about wand wash Calgary, dial 403-2478338.