A car is your best friend that helps you go anywhere you please, at any time, and the least you can do for it is to keep it clean, inside-out. A clean car is more about the retaining of its value rather than vanity. Since you have spent a lot of money purchasing the car, keeping it clean, and in top-notch condition becomes your priority. A huge chunk of keeping your vehicle in good shape depends on the paint condition in the exterior. While regular car washes can ensure that the dirt and grime from everyday usage go away, twice a year detailing can give you a right-off-the-showroom vibe. This blog highlights the various ways you can restore the shine in your car with car detailing Calgary

Different Types of Paint Used on a Car

If we take a step back and go to the golden days, manufacturers typically used to go for a single-stage paint job on the car. Needless to say, these were fragile and prone to quick oxidization. However, with time, and the involvement of various technologies, manufacturers are going for a two-stage paint job which involves a base and a clear topcoat for added protection. This is not only durable but is more environmentally friendly as well. Having said that, if you do not take proper care of this two-stage paint, the quality is bound to deteriorate over time.

Reasons for a Deteriorating Paint Job

An exciting thing you must note here is that, the exposure to sun can harm the freshly-done paint job. You might either have your car parked under the sun or are probably driving it to reach your destination in the afternoon, the UV radiation constantly deteriorates the paint condition. Additional elements such as environmental pollutants also act as reasons for oxidation. To save your car from getting covered in ugly patches of white, you may want to consider a car cover. However, you cannot possibly keep your car covered at all times.

So, what is the solution?

Since your car cannot be covered while you are driving or have reached your destination and want to park it in an open space for some time, you have to resort to other options to speed the process of car paint restoration. Some of the steps you can take are:

Car Washes: Begin with cleaning your car thoroughly every week, at the most. This would allow you to get rid of all the dust and debris that routinely accumulate on the surface. Try to use chemicals specially meant to protect your paint in this process to get the best results out of the procedure. You may also want to wash your car twice to avoid any spots you might have missed during the first time. You can also visit professional car wash facilities for effective results.

Surface Contaminants: Now that you have cleaned your car to satisfaction and removed all the accumulated dirt, you need to focus on the stubborn contaminants. These include airborne pollutants, tar, paint, and even soot. Most of the time, they aren’t even visible to the naked eye but can cause severe damage to the car.

Repair the Damage: When you run your hand on the vehicle and see everything is clean, look for paint damage signs. Minor scratches can affect the clear coat which needs to be repaired immediately, before it gets worse.

The best way to take care of your vehicle is by going for auto detailing at least twice every year. The detailing process includes a thorough cleaning along with a coat of paint (if required), claying, and buffing before the clear coat.

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