There are many ways car owners can enhance car looks and most of them are considering the options as well. Among various options, car window tinting is one of the most popular car enhancements. The popularity of car tinting is because of the many benefits it offers. For instance, not only does car window tinting enhances the car’s look but also, adds a layer of privacy. So, if you have tinted your car windows recently, and want to know how to take care, then here are some points. Also, you can take the help of top car detailing in Calgary experts, if you are a Calgary resident for the best solutions.

So, here are some of the ways in which you can take care of tinted car windows.

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Use only professional cleaning tools and products

When you invest in enhancements such as car tints, you will generally want it to last long. Right? If that is so then make sure never to use abrasive car cleaning tools and products such as sharp brushes and harsh chemicals. Rather you must ensure that the tinted car windows are cleaned with professional and car-friendly tools.

At top car detailing centers, qualified professionals know how to safely clean the tinted glasses. This is why you should always take your car to a leading car detailing in Calgary service provider, if you reside in Calgary.

Ensure the exterior part of the car window is clean

In general, taking good care of car windows are necessary, in this case, exterior car detailing services help considerably. This is because, the exterior part of the car is exposed to damaging elements, UV rays and weather conditions. These factors can responsibly degrade the exterior part of the window along with other body parts. Hence, experts recommend frequent car washing so that the adverse impact of these factors are reduced. For effective washing and cleaning service, you can opt for wand wash in Calgary, if you are based in Calgary.

Remove the dirt particles from the window

If you live in a dusty place, make sure that you first brush away all the dirt and small debris before cleaning the windows. This is because, if you ignore this step, then there are chances that the debris may scratch the tint and the window. To avoid this step professionals always first brush away the windows using a soft brush.

Roll the window down while cleaning

Another most important point is that while cleaning the tinted windows, experienced professionals roll down the windows. Otherwise, the dust and dirt can accumulate on the top edge of the windows, which later can enter the window tracks. This can create an unsightly line of dirt or smeared dirt mark on the tinted window, which spoils the look of the car.

Take away

You know, a tinted car always looks slick. So, if you haven’t tinted your windows yet, check out Calgary Window Tinting.

After getting your car windows tinted and not taking good care will be meaningless. This is why the decision to get your car windows tinted must be partnered with the knowledge of how to care for such tinted windows. Therefore, in this blog, we have some tips that can help you to take care of your windows. If you are looking for the best car detailing in Calgary, you can contact Happy Bays Car Wash and Detail Center. Reach out us at 403-247-8338 or email us at