Modern car paint has a good chance to last for a long time. However, experts say that this is only possible as long as owners can keep their cars’ paint coats clean and protected. Unfortunately, in the beginning, although car owners stay concerned and follow all directions. With time this takes a backseat. So as car washes and detailing becomes infrequent and the car is exposed to UV rays, external contaminants and other factors damage the car and lead to consequences such as oxidation. As a car owner, you need to be aware of car paint oxidation, and therefore, to help you know everything about this phenomenon, we have shared all the information in this blog.

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Now, let’s explore more about car paint oxidation.

How Car Paint Gets Oxidised?

A car’s surface paint is always in contact with oxygen molecules. This constant contact leads other molecules such as the ones in your car’s paint to lose electrons as a result the paintwork is damaged and falls apart.

Top Signs of Car Paint Oxidation

As the car paint is exposed to oxidation, the effects are noticeable. Check out some of the signs that indicate that your car paint is oxidising. 

  • Your car’s paint starts losing its shine and looks dull
  • Car paint’s top layer color will start to fade away.
  • When the car paint gets heavily oxidised, the surface becomes dull and chalky
  • The final stage of oxidation will deteriorate the clear coat and dissolve the patches of paint and make the car vulnerable to rusting.
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Measures to Protect Car’s Paint from Oxidation

Oxygen is everywhere thus, it is not possible to totally protect your car from oxidation.  However, you can follow some expert tips to help your car’s paintwork last for a long time.

Regular car wash

You can protect your car from oxidation by regularly washing it and keeping your car free of dirt, dust and road salt.  For ensuring that your car is thoroughly washed, you must take your car to top service providers. For instance, if you are in Calgary you must take your car to the best service provider who offers quality and advanced car wash in Calgary.

Car Polishing

Other than car washing, another way you can keep your car paint protected from oxidation is car polishing. Moderate oxidation can be removed with the help of some polishing compounds. However, for removing heavy oxidation, expert car detailers recommend rubbing compounds.

Car waxing

Applying a coat of wax over the top layer of the paint after washing and polishing it is one of the best ways to protect car paint from oxidation. Wax coats help to protect the car from oxidation.

Car detailing

Car detailing helps to protect both the external and internal parts of the car. This is because under car detailing you can get services like car washing, buffing, polishing car painting and waxing, headlight restoration and more. All the measures that help to prevent car paint oxidation. However, you must get service from the best car detailers. If you are in Calgary, then ensure you get service from car detailing in Calgary professionals.

Conclusion In this blog, we have tried to share everything that a car owner needs to know about car paint oxidation. So, hopefully, you know now what causes oxidation and proper measures that will help to keep your car protected from the same. However, always keep in mind to take your car to the best car detailers for any kind of car services. Are you a resident of Calgary? Looking for the best car detailing in Calgary professionals? Contact Happy Bays Car Wash and Detail center. Get in touch with us by calling 403-247-8338 or emailing us at