Car-owners can be caught thinking of how often they should wash their vehicle. Well, there is no specific answer to this question. The number of times your car should be washed depends on various facts, and there is no such rule regarding the same. The one thing that everyone must keep in mind is that the periodic washing of your car is required because it helps extends the life and way the vehicle looks. It also, in turn, helps keep you and your passengers safe against bacteria, and germs which cause diseases. This blog would highlight the various reasons you must wash your car.

Washing Your Car: How Often?

If you like to have a general view of the subject, it is always recommended that you wash your car every two weeks if it is on the road regularly. Otherwise, the dirt, dust, and grime that contaminate the surface might ruin the beauty of the vehicle. Along with this, there are various situations where car washes become necessary. Let’s take a look at each of them:

  1. Driving on Dusty Roads: It is natural for you to wash your car when it is covered in dust and dirt. However, if you keep on travelling on dusty roads, there is a fair chance that you would not be able to understand when it needs to be washed. A routine car wash every week, along with thorough cleaning of your air vents, would ensure you do not suffer from respiratory illnesses, and your vehicle is clean at all times.
  1. During the Winter: More often than not, you get to listen to other car-owners complaining about the amount of dust on the roads during the summer. But they miss explaining the requirement for cleaning your car during winters. The road salt and snow can attract the metal parts of your car, which can damage it. You would need to winterize your vehicle so that it gives you long-lasting results without breaking down in the middle of the road out of nowhere. While the water remains cold during this time and you might not have all the equipment for winterization, you can always pay a visit to facilities that offer touch free car wash Calgary
  1. A Road Trip: Who doesn’t like going for the annual or half-yearly road trips with friends, family, or loved ones? However, these road trips can make your car run for more miles than usual and on roads that it has never been in. This would include hillsides, highways, and even sea beaches. To ensure the car runs the entire trip and works exceptionally well when you are back, you would have to wash it before and after the trip. This will prevent the car from leaks, engine fires, and tire punctures. It is always recommended that you go for a thorough auto detailing during this time for the best results. 
  1. Living near the Sea: As much as a road trip requires a car cleaning before and after it, the combination of salt, sand, and air demands a thorough cleaning as well. An intriguing point to note here is that sand has the potential of scratching the paint on the car, and the salt can form rust on the metal parts of the vehicle. To ensure nothing like this happens to your vehicle and there is no significant damage, you have to wash your car frequently.
  1. Vehicle Life Expectancy: It is possible that you use your vehicle for daily business requirements, and you would want it to last longer. A poorly maintained vehicle that does not go through regular washes or annual detailing would only fail you in the long run. You cannot let the oxidation settle in on the car’s body, or else its condition might start deteriorating.

Conclusion: Along with the car washes, you need to concentrate on cleaning the interiors as well. With a road-ready car and the various seasons in a year, it is not possible to keep with you all the equipment and tools requirements for washing the same. That is why you must visit expert facilities dealing with car wash now and then. Happy Bays Car Wash and Detail Centre offers touch free car wash Calgary, coin-operated washers, and auto detailing for all vehicles. Should you want to know more, dial 403-247-8338.