Consistent use can make anything dirty, and your car is the most valuable property you must take proper care of. While most people opt for automatic car washes, they can be pretty expensive in the long run. In such situations, when you are routinely washing your car and believe that going for a thorough wash every time isn’t that crucial, you can opt for the self-serve car washes. This blog would give you details on what precisely are these and how do you work there with ease. 

What is a self-serve car wash?

When it comes to getting your car cleaned till it is as good as new, there are two kinds of car washes you can opt for:

1. Automatic

2. Self-Serve

Automatic washes include a bay where every single function is automated and works in a pre-set system. It is a great way to ensure that the car remains smooth and saves a lot of time in return, as well. The cost, nonetheless, shoots up every time you opt for one such facility; because there is a lot of technological advancements that go into making these so powerful.

Self-serve car washes, on the other hand, leave you with individual bays where you can park your car and wash it yourself. Modern tools, equipment, and the best in the market materials are provided by the facility for a thorough clean-up. Such self-serve wash bays function in two ways – card and coin car wash

Every coin has a time value attached to it. So if you are to use one facility, for example, the pressure wash, you would have to drop one coin, and the equipment would work till the time it is valid. In case the value of the money is over, and you still have to use it (which is quite unlikely), you would have to drop in another coin for the same time. What you need to have, to perform a thorough cleanup of the car, are the necessary skills to wash it, or else you might end up damaging it instead.

How to efficiently use your self-serve car wash facility

This guide is for those making their first visit to a self-serve car wash facility, or have been there once, but came back with not so satisfactory results. There are a few things you must note when it comes to making the most of such a facility. 

First off, be completely prepared. 

Since you are running on a budget and a limited amount of time, you need to be well prepared for what is going to come your way. Keep everything you might need within your reach, and if you are unsure the facility you are visiting has specific equipment or not, do not miss bringing your own. Some of the most crucial are a handful of coins, microfibre towels or chamois, and a wash mitt. You might want to carry buckets and grit guards as well.

Secondly, keep in mind your efficiency.

Always follow a rule or standard when you are visiting a car wash bay. Once you step into the facility and you are aware of the various facilities offered there, fix a routine that you will follow. One of the easiest ways of going through the procedure is first going through the pre-wash, then tire cleaning, and finally, the soap and rinse option. This will make maximum utilization of the time spent at the facility.

Third, rising properly is the key. 

The time you spend on washing the car would be a waste if you do not cleanse it thoroughly. Yes, rinsing is as crucial as washing because if you take out the car when it is wet, it might end up drawing a lot more dust and grime. If your bay would be empty for some time, make use of it and let your car dry there itself. If not, take dry and clean towels to wipe off the excess water in circular motions. In case your facility offers post-car wash waxing tools as part of the self-serve feature, use them efficiently.

Conclusion: The Happy Bays Car Wash and Auto Detail Center is a facility in Calgary that offers hot and soft water, along with Turtle wax pro chemicals, to bring the best settings at self-serve bays. Every individual self-serve coin or card-operated bay is fitted with LED lighting and heated. Should you want to know more about the facility, drive to one of their coin car wash bays. Happy Bays is located at 4634 16 AVE NW; Calgary, AB T3BOM8 or you can also dial 403-247-8338 to book yourself a bay, instead.