You take your car out for a ride wherever you go out, and thus expose it to dirt, dust, and grime. This, if not washed properly, and in time, might disrupt the look and functionality of the car. That is why it is crucial to take care of your car and wash it regularly. Having said that, you must note every single type of dirt and grime deserves special attention, and only professionals who are trained in car wash will be able to handle them well. This article will highlight the ways you will be able to find the best car wash option within your budget for your vehicle in your area.

What are the different methods of a car wash?

Finding the right method of car wash is crucial, should you want to have a sparkling clean vehicle without any soap strokes. Some of the most common types of car washes are:At

  • Home
  • Touch-free
  • Self-service

Preferred by most car-owners is the car washing method used at home. Following the fundamentals of washing, in this method, you first remove all dirt from the outer surface of the car and then dry it with a cloth before moving on to using protection like clay or wax. The biggest con in this method is that there is no thorough cleaning involved, and various small corners are excluded. The method might also leave noticeable streaks.

If you prefer going for a more sophisticated way of car wash in Calgaryyou might opt for the touch-free automatic method. Often considered as one of the quickest techniques for car wash, here, the vehicle moves through a bay on a conveyor belt. The bay is surrounded by equipment such as brushes, blow dryers, hoses, and the likes. This is a convenient option because it is affordable, quick, and works like a charm. 

The final option in your hands for washing your car is a mix and match of touch-free and at home variants. Here, you visit a car wash facility with high-end equipment and technology. The facility would have a private bay for you where you can wash your car by yourself using that equipment. You would be able to access the facilities of the bay using a coin or card for as long as you need it. The fact that these chemicals are chosen to suit your car needs ensures that you get a flawless wash. 

Find the best car wash for yourself

Given all its benefits, it is always recommended that you either go for touch-free or self-serve car washes. However, the key to getting professional help for your vehicle is finding a car wash that best suits your requirements.

Do your research and find out about the facility. This is crucial because you do not want to spend a lot of money on the average service, which has to be redone in a few days.

Check if the facility you are opting for has all the features you are likely to use, or not. The number of years the bay has been in service also helps you get a sense of the reputation they have in the area.

Conclusion: Happy Bays Car Wash and Detail Centre is a facility based in Calgary that has a host of features for car owners. It offers all-inclusive packages for car wash in Calgary that mentions the various rates for the distinct services. It has private bays for each car, self-serve coin car wash, and automatic car wash options as well. Should you want to know more about the facility and get your car washed there, visit 4634 16 AVE NW, Calgary, AB, T3BOM8 or dial 4032478338.