The automotive industry of the twenty-first century is all about finding some piece or the other that suits the requirements of every customer. Every latest car comes with modifications that allow customers to make their choice. However, once the dream car is in your hands, it becomes crucial to maintain it as well. While some people like to do their car washes at home, others prefer looking for car wash facilities. Both methods have their advantages and disadvantages, which turns down to one being better than the other. Some of the most commonly found car wash facilities are automatic, self serve, and touch-free.

How to choose the best car wash method?

First off, you must note that washing your car every two weeks is the best option if you want to keep the vehicle in excellent shape. Now, which method of car wash is the best? The DIY car wash method is popular in households, but most car owners do have access to the equipment used for such washes because of the high price point or the unavailability. This makes the paint wear off and the surface having ugly scratches. It is thus always suggested that you visit professionals who offer car wash services. To know which car wash facility is the most suitable for you, you can take a look at:

Services Provided: You must check the numerous services that the facility provides. A car wash facility would offer both automatic and self-serve variants. Now, check out the bay to ensure if they use all the equipment you might need for washing your vehicle.

Testimonials of Previous Clients: You can easily understand how a particular facility fares on their claims if you take a look at their customer review section. Especially when it is a full-service car wash facility, knowing what other clients think of them acts as an excellent heads up.

Management of Wastewater: Last but not the least, you should check out what are the techniques they use when they think of wastewater management. The last thing you would want is going for a facility where they use other car wash’s dirty water to wash your car. A proper sewage system and fresh water every time the hose is turned on is crucial.

Self-Operated Car Wash Facility

Now, there are still many people who think of washing their cars themselves and yet want to use high-grade equipment for the work. The good news for them comes in the form of coin car wash facilities. These, as the name suggests, work with a coin. They have a set of modes which you can choose from. Opting for one of them would mean dropping in a certain amount of coins, following which you would be able to use the mode. 

The best part of such a car wash feature is you can clean your car according to your requirements by yourself and yet use high-grade equipment and tools for the same. The self-serve car wash works in a way where for every coin you enter you are allotted a time for which you would get that feature. The only thing you have to do to make the most of your self-serve car wash is by opting for a popular bay near your neighbourhood.

Conclusion: The Happy Bays Car Wash and Detail Centre based in Calgary is one such popular coin car wash centre that has up to eleven wash-modes for your car. You can opt for features such as foam brush, spot-free rinse, and high-pressure wax, among others. To make use of the automatic bay doors and heated individual bays, get in touch with Happy Bays by visiting 4634 16 AVE NW Calgary, AB T3BOM8.