The undercarriage of your car stays out of sight and so most often it doesn’t occur to you that it needs proper maintenance just like other parts of the car. Ironically it is one of the parts that stay in close proximity to the road on which you are driving just after the car wheels and does have chances to get damaged without regular maintenance. Grime, dirt, road salt and other harmful substances can enter the undercarriage parts and can damage it in the long term. So that your car is safe and the underneath of the car doesn’t fall apart, you need to consider washing your car’s undercarriage regularly or as per experts at least every season. If you are weighing your decision, then let professionals who provide car wash Calgary at Happy Bays Car Wash and Detail Centre inform you how washing undercarriage by professionals can help you, through this blog.

  • Rust Prevention

Often what happens, when you take your car out for a drive your car have chances to come in contact with gravels, rocks and other sharp edge objects which can chip away your undercarriage paint. Since you don’t inspect your car’s undercarriage often you don’t have any idea of such occurring. However, in the long term this chipped away surface when comes in contact with rain, snow and other wet substances can develop rust. With the help of a professional car wash, you can avoid such problems and keep your car safe.

  • Paint Protection

Road salt, chemicals can damage your car’s undercarriage paint. And as discussed before, when the car paint chips away the car metal have huge chances to develop rust. So, it is very important to avail professionals to inspect such problems early on and thus, taking your car to service providers, can help you to not only get your car’s undercarriage cleaned but also, check whether the paint from any part of your car’s undercarriage has accidentally got peeled off.

  • Safety from Road Salt and Grimes

With time as you use your car, it continuously gets exposed to road salt, grimes and dirt. Now if you are not noticing whether these are attaching to your car underbody then it can gradually build up and damage your car in the long term. Professionals understand which part of your car’s underbody is mostly prone to attract these substances, and where these can build up. Thus, with the help of wand wash Calgary you can avoid the problem of the dirt and grime build-up and keep your car protected.

  • Prolong Vehicle Life

Cars are important investments and generally, every car owner like you, love their car and want it to provide service over a long period. However, often due to lack of time and knowledge you all tend to ignore small investments like availing of washing undercarriage service from professionals and this can harm your car in form of rust and corrosion. Proper maintenance and care increase the life of the car and it can perform at its optimal best.

Conclusion Your car undercarriage is an important part and needs a similar level of attention just like other parts of the car. By now you are also aware why taking your car for an underbody wash can keep it damage free in the long run. So make sure once a while to take your car for professional undercarriage car wash like wand wash Calgary from Happy Bays Car Wash and Detail Centre and keep your car protected. To contact dial 403-247-8338 or email at