As a car owner, you expect your car to provide the best performance month after month. However, when it comes to maintenance if you don’t consider it necessary then there will be a huge gap between your expectation and reality.  As the winter arrives, it brings with it a huge change in weather, and as a result, your car’s performance can be greatly affected due to its exposure to the outside weather. So if you are weighing the decision of getting your car detailed this winter, then let experts from Happy Bays Car Wash and Detail Centre inform you about the benefits of professional car detailing Calgary service and help you make the right decision.

So what are some of the top benefits of availing car detailing during winters, let’s check out.

Ensure safe driving

Winter leads to foggy and unclear windshields. So sometimes what some car owners do is they only clean the driver side of the windshield and take the car for a ride. First of all, this is not safe and secondly, continuously letting the snow or fog settle on the windshield or window pane can damage it in the long run. With the help of a professional car detailing service, you can get rid of such problems as professionals use anti-freezing cleaning materials to clean the car and improve the car visibility greatly.

Salt Guard

Taking your car out for a drive means your car can be exposed to road salt. Road salt is a product used for melting snow. In case these road salts get trapped in the crannies and nooks of your vehicle then they can cause damage to your car by eating away the paint or corroding or rusting your car which is the last thing you will want. Thus, it is important to get your car detailed by a professional and save your car from the salt-build up.

Wheel preservation

The wheel is one of the major parts of your cars that are majorly exposed to the winter and snow, deny getting your car wheel detailed and chances are that you will invite extra trouble in form of investments for yourself. You don’t want that right? Your car wheel needs a thorough cleaning from rocks, debris, road salts, snow and other elements. Thus, go ahead and avail an auto detailing Calgary professional service and let your car wheel get cleaned and dressed for protection.

Paint Protection

Due to the presence of road salts and other chemicals in increasing amounts during the winters, your car paint can be hugely damaged. Besides, during heavy snowfall, some car owners use snow scrapers to get rid of the snow and in doing so accidentally peel off the paint. Moreover, even if you are someone who safely gets rid of the snow, you will nod in agreement that the sliding off snow and ice can also spoil the surface of the car. This is why getting professionals to clean the snow and other dirt from your and restore it with waxing and paint application helps.


Now that you know how a proper car detailing service can help to improve your car in every way and add value to it. You can decide whether your car needs a car detailing service this winter. In case you want a reliable auto detailing Calgary service then get in touch with Happy Bays Car Wash and Detail Centre by dialling 403-247-8338 or sending us an email at