Most car owners frequently get their cars washed, for it helps the cars to stay clean. However, not too many car owners consider car waxing as they are not convinced of its utility. However, little research and proper knowledge can change their perspective. Waxing your car can not only make your car look shinier but also, protect it from scratches, sun damage, and other elements. It also protects the paint thereby making it easier to clean you car, and more. Further, you should always consider choosing experienced professionals for car waxing from any car detailing service Calgary. If you are someone who has never considered getting your car waxed earlier and wants to know whether it can actually help you, then check out this blog for answers.

So, let’s check out in this blog how a professional car waxing service can be beneficial to you.

Car detailing Calgary NW
  • Protects your car from scratches

You can try hard but cannot avoid your car from getting scratches. Scratches and small dings are extremely common issues that most car owner faces. The clear coat of the car is the most vulnerable part to develop scratches from improper car washing, unlocking your car with the keys and rubbing the surface of the car. Car waxes are made up of carnauba wax that is mixed with beeswax and natural oils and other petroleum distillates. Waxing offers layered protection to the cars exterior layers as the ingredients in car wax works as wax-hardeners.

  • Repels water

As your car is exposed to rain and if your car paint is not protected with wax, the water can collect on the car paint and as it evaporates it leaves behind the dirt and contaminants, which can cause damage to the car’s paint. Having your car waxed helps as its smooth finish allows the rainwater to bead up and roll off your car offering major protection to your car’s paint from rain.

  • Helps your car exterior to stay clean longer

Car waxing offers a smooth car surface which makes it difficult for the dirt to stay attached to the car. This is why waxing helps a car’s exterior to attract less dirt on the surface and stay clean for an elongated period of time. If you are interested to get your car waxed then you can avail car detailing Calgary NW.

  • Protects car paint from fading

As you take your car out it is exposed to weather elements, road salt, snow, rain, sun rays, bird droppings and more, which can damage the car’s paint. The car paint gradually gets damaged due to oxidation as it slowly engulfs the paint chemicals until the paint separates from the body and fades away or chips away. Applying a coat of wax can help the car body to stay protected and the paint to last longer.


Now that you know how getting your car waxed can help your car to stay protected from scratches, weather and restore your car shine like before. Then make sure to give your car all the protection it deserves. Get your car waxed by hiring Happy Bays and Car Wash and Detail Center’s experienced professional and avail Car detailing Calgary NW service. For more details call us at 403-247-8338 or email us at