Calgary is recognized for its quickest changing weather on this globe. This extreme change in the weather pattern occurs because it is located adjacent to the Rocky Mountains. The weather is usually dry, but there are times when it just rains for weeks. This year is not stranger as heavy rains caused flooding in some parts of Calgary.

Car Detailing Calgary

Rain water contains contaminants and mud that can cause damage to your vehicle. Although, modern cars are engineered with advanced technology, but still there are adverse effects. This blog presents some tips to protect your car from the harsh elements of the rain.

Precautionary Measures

Your vehicle should be coated with wax just before the dawn of rainy season. This will act as a protective shield and will not allow the water to come in contact with the surface of the paint. This will also prevent the formation of rust by filling up the uneven surface or scratches if any on the car’s exterior.

Do not forget to cover your car if it is not parked inside the garage. There are waterproof covers available in the market that will keep the rain water away and the porous fabric will help escape the humid air from inside, keeping  your vehicle dry.

Wash Your Vehicle Often

This is pretty basic isn’t it! Everything that gets dirty needs to be washed. Washing the car can remove dirt, contaminants and residues from pervading the paint. Hence, this prevents you from expending your money for drastic restoration. If possible, get your car detailed from an expert company that provides car detailing in Calgary NW, Calgary SE and other parts of the cosmopolitan Alberta city.

Protective Car Accessories

  • A car cover to protect your vehicle from the rain
  • Rain guards/ window visors to protect the rain from coming inside and also stops wind to blow into the interior
  • A bug deflector to stop projectiles and bugs from hitting the windscreen by changing the way wind flows over it

Neutralize The Acidic Substance Immediately

If you have just reached home and it was raining outside, you are required to neutralize the acidic nature of rainwater, as early as possible, at least by hosing the car, if you do not have time to wash the car. Check out the flat surfaces where water might get stored. The slow evaporation will gradually damage the paint. Large water droplets also work as magnifying glass, which when comes in contact with the sun, burns the paint quicker on that particular spot. Hence, you have to make sure that you wipe off the water with a dry cloth after hosing. You can also open the hood and trunk for some time, if your car is parked under the shade. This allows the heat to escape from the engine bay  and the water to drip off. This also prevents the sun rays from hitting the panels.

Besides, you must also clean the wheels regularly as brake dust, days of non-cleaning and rainwater can corrode the wheels.