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Car Detailing Calgary

package price $ 129

Exterior washed, Inside windows cleaned, Dashboard and vinyl cleaned and conditioned, leather seats wiped down, Interior deodorized, Floor mats washed, Door jams cleaned.

* Add $19.00 for small SUV's & Station Wagon

* Add $ 39 for large SUV’s

package price $ 149

Exterior Washed, Inside windows cleaned, Dashboard and vinyl cleaned and conditioned, leather seats wiped down, Interior deodorized, Floor mats washed, Door jams cleaned, Undercarriage washed, Thorough vacuum every nook and cranny, Tires, wheels and wheel well cleaned and shined, Liquid wax application.

* Add $19.00 for small SUV's & Station Wagon

* Add $ 39 for large SUV’s

package price $ 249

Exterior Washed, Inside windows cleaned, Dashboard and vinyl cleaned and conditioned, leather seats wiped down, Interior deodorized, Floor mats washed, Door jams cleaned, Undercarriage washed, Thorough vacuum every nook and cranny, Tires, wheels and wheel well cleaned and shined, High quality and long lasting paste wax, Leather seats steam cleaned, scrubbed, protected and re-moisturized, Carpets & upholstery shampooing, Basic engine clean.

* Add $19.00 for small SUV's & Station Wagon

* Add $ 39 for large SUV’s

package price $ 349

Exterior Washed, Inside windows cleaned, Dashboard and vinyl cleaned and conditioned, leather seats wiped down, Interior deodorized, Floor mats washed, Door jams cleaned,
Undercarriage washed, Thorough vacuum every nook and cranny, Tires, wheels and wheel well cleaned and shined, High quality and long lasting paste wax, Leather seats steam cleaned, scrubbed, protected and re-moisturized, Carpets & upholstery shampooing, Basic engine clean, Clay & Decontaminate paint & High gloss paint finish

* Add $19.00 for small SUV's & Station Wagon

* Add $ 39 for large SUV’s

Add-Ons or Stand-Alones

Carpet & Upholstery Shampooing

$ 129

* Add $19.00 for small SUV's & Station Wagon

* Add $ 39 for large SUV’s

Shampooing package includes deep cleaning of carpet, seats and any other fabric material from stains, spills, mud, salt stains and just about anything.Our steam vapor deep cleaning system will not only clean, but disinfect and kill all bacteria and germs including mildew and smoke stains without using of harmful chemicals.

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Buffing, Polishing & Hand Wax COMBO

$ 339

* Add $19.00 for small SUV's & Station Wagon

* Add $ 39 for large SUV’s

The 3 stage Compound, Polish & Gloss combo will not only remove oxidation & light scratches, it will also reveal a rich like new gloss. Our NXT generation wax by hand& buffing using a non-scratching micro fiber cloth & sponge leaves the car exterior spotless, a final coat of paint protection is applied to ensure the new surface is adequately protected against the elements such as rock chips, gravel and extreme weather. This is a standard procedure and included in Hand Wax COMBO package.

Fabric Guard

Starting from $ 89

Our Fabric Guard treatment help protects against repelling liquids, dirt , dust and grease while protecting against damaging UV or sun exposure. Fabric protections covers fabric seats, carpet & upholstery and convertible tops. The fabric of your car is at risk every day for normal wear and tear. Fabric Guard or scotch guard treatment will help keep your seats, Carpets & upholstery clean by creating an invisible barrier between the dirt and Fabric. Highly recommended after interior detailing.

Head Lights Restoration

$ 45/Each

We can restore your headlight to almost new again. Newer vehicles have acrylic head lights rather than glass head light lenses. The acrylic lights look great however, the setback with acrylic headlight lenses unlike glass they oxidize, fade, gets yellow and discolor over time. We can restore your head lights for a fraction of the cost it would take to replace your headlights. The aging of head lights and scratching not only looks unattractive, but can also decreases the night vision. Let us restore your head lights professionally.

Professional Car Detailing Calgary

The joy of driving a fabulous-looking car is beyond words. At Happy Bays, we offer you that joy with our expert car detailing Calgary services. Our car detailing services bestow the right care for your car. We remove all kinds of dirt and grime from your car’s painted surface as well as those stubborn stains from your various car interior parts. Incorporating the latest technology and high-quality cleaning products, our auto detailing Calgary services aim to restore the lost glam and shine of your vehicle. What else? We have a team of qualified professionals and for this reason, be it removing the most stubborn stain and grime or recovering the lost gleam of your car, nothing seems impossible for us. With our high-quality auto detailing Calgary products, we give an all new definition of car detailing Calgary.

Our car detailing Calgary solutions include:

  • Exterior car cleaning
  • Interior car cleaning
  • Paint protection and correction
  • Rust protection
auto detailing calgary

Get the most Exceptional Auto Detailing in Calgary

When we talk about a car, the external and internal cleaning goes hand in hand. While most places offer any one of the services, we are pleased to provide both at our facility. At Happy Bays, we provide interior car cleaning in Calgary at affordable rates. Our professional and dedicated staff are specially trained in the field and can render you the best services in a short time. We promise quality car detailing with the help of our latest equipment. Our services for auto detailing in Calgary also include headlight restoration, fabric guard treatment, and upholstery shampooing. We bring to you packages that we have curated, keeping in mind all your requirements. Our services ensure your car looks and feels as good as new! Visit our facility to revamp your car’s condition today.

What Makes Us the Best Auto Detailing Calgary Services Provider?

At Happy Bays, we provide a complete solution that takes care of all your car caring requirements. Be it interior car cleaning, car wash, paint protection or scratch removal, our car detailing Calgary services address all your needs.

Professional and dedicated detailers- Our car detailers are highly qualified and will provide car detailing service with great expertise.

Quality car detailing- We employ appropriate techniques and tools that result in quality car detailing solutions.

Advanced tools and techniques- Our use of the latest equipment, high-quality cleaning products and correct techniques gives you a strong reason to rely upon our car detailing Calgary service.

Eco-friendly solution- 4.We do not harm the environment while detailing your car. Our auto detailing services entail the use of eco-friendly solutions.

Affordable rates- Who said car detailing is expensive? At Happy Bays, you can avail of our car detailing services at cost-effective rates. We give you the best of both the worlds – quality car detailing at an affordable price.

To know more about our auto detailing Calgary service, contact us today.

Customer satisfaction is our ultimate goal and hence we accommodate every service to suit the exact needs of our clients. At Happy Bays we get drive-thru service that is hassle-free and is completed within a short span of time. We pay careful attention to even the minutest details and take care of your car like our own vehicle. We provide the following services related to car and auto detailing Calgary:

Auto Detailing Calgary - Cares for the Paint and Exterior Surface

Our car detailing Calgary service is extremely environment friendly and we help to protect the paint of your car from damages caused by rain. We understand that the paint is one of the most delicate things in your car and hence we take extreme care to protect it. Our detailing professionals will clean, rectify defects and protect the surface of the paint. Any kind of grime or dirt over the paint surface is carefully done away with by our meticulouscar detailing Calgary services. We use soft cloth to wash the exterior of your vehicle which helps to prevent damaging scratches on your car. With our spot free rinse service, all the minerals that might accumulate on the car are removed so that your vehicle becomes spot free.

Industrial dusts like red iron oxide or other particles often get attached to the pain surface of your vehicle. Normal wash fail to get rid of this dust and also cannot offer rust protection. But why worry when you have professional auto detailing Calgary service providers like Happy Bays? We will remove all these contaminants with clay application which also helps to do away with water spots, bird droppings, tree sap and stuff like that which if left unattended will lead to permanent damage to your vehicle.

After removal of all the contaminants, we will polish your car and make it shine and restore the original paint luster. Polishing when accompanied with color sanding also eliminates swirl marks or scratches that might be there on the paint surface. We provide premium car waxing service using quality wax that enhances your vehicle’s shine and also prevents damaging ultraviolet rays from causing any kind of harm to the paint surface. Apart from polishing your car, you can always add a glamorous look to the surface by getting it waxed every 3 weeks or 6 weeks as the requirement might be.

Car Detailing Solutions for Chassis and Wheels

The chassis and undercarriage of your car is also a very important part and should be cleaned properly. Our professionals performing car detailing Calgary, take utmost care to clean every part including the interior of the wheel wells and the area encompassing the prime suspension elements like control arms or anti roll bars. Avail our auto detailing Calgary solutions and see what difference our comprehensive service can make to your car’s appearance. We will carefully wash the wheels, tires or chassis and then cover them with a protecting material in order to enhance the luster and prevent the structure from getting corroded or cracked. Tire dressing solutions make the tires look clean and shiny. At Happy Bays, we also offer underbody flush that helps to do away with all the debris and dirt.

Auto Detailing Calgary - Best Services for Headlights and Taillights

Our car detailing Calgary services include applying polish to headlights as well as taillights to provide rust protection. Polishing is good for parts which exhibit marks of oxidation and it is best if these parts are properly sealed with plastic sealant. We offer you one of the best auto detailing Calgary services to thoroughly clean the chrome, plastic or vinyl trims. Moreover, our expert car detailing professionals will efficiently dress the plastic or vinyl trims with some quality protective substances to provide resistance against cracking or fading. Apart from rubbers and plastics, we also clean chrome and get the exhaust tips polished to ultimate client satisfaction.

Interior Car Cleaning Calgary

Our interior car detailing Calgary services include extensive clean-up of all carpets and seating surface. For this, we use steam cleaning or shampooing. All vinyl and plastic materials are thoroughly cleaned and then dress. If any leather material is there, our professionals will efficiently condition and clean the same. In our detailing packages, we include proper cleaning of the passenger area as well as the trunk region. Our shampoos and other cleaning products are made up of environment friendly and biodegradable materials which do not contaminate nature.

Total Interior Cleaning- Our interior car detailing Calgary package includes vacuum cleaning all carpets and upholstery. Our expert professionals will thoroughly clean even the areas at the extreme corners which are hard to reach. Dirt and grime and other pollutants are thoroughly removed from all the plastic, vinyl, leather and rubber surfaces. We also take care of the interior sides of the doors and the windows. At Happy Bays we believe in complete satisfaction, therefore we also provide wiping services for all the interior dashboards, door jams and interior glasses. If you wish to add some extra glamour, let your vehicle emit a beautiful smell through choosing from amongst a range of fragrances like mountain pine, lemon, cherry, vanilla, strawberry and so on.

Carpet, Leather and Upholstery Shampooing- Our exclusive shampoo treatment removes dirt and almost all stains from your vehicle. This has a great advantage as it disinfects the total area and thus protects your vehicle from being the breeding ground of bacteria. Our professionals performing interior auto detailing Calgary will vacuum clean the carpets and the floor mats and then spray all the carpets with a non-toxic industrial shampoo. Once the shampoo is applied, the surfaces are scrubbed with utmost care so that all the stubborn dirt is removed. Then re-vacuuming is done to eliminate all the remaining dust particles. In case we feel that your vehicle needs extra power cleaning, we will go for spot treatment.

Our interior car detailing Calgary services related to upholstery cleaning includes vacuuming the upholstery, spraying with shampoo which is then followed by scrubbing and re-vacuuming. Here also, in case we feel that extra cleaning is necessary, we do go for spot treatments.

Safeguarding of Fabric- Fabric protection is ideal for your vehicle if you want to save money on car detailing and prolong the time between two consecutive detailing and cleaning sessions. We apply quality fabric protection that has the capability to seep to great depths of any kind of fabric thus repelling dust and eliminating stains. This in turn helps the interior of your vehicle to stay clean and healthy for a long period of time. Fabric safeguard can be applied to floor mats, carpets and upholstery. Since the fabric treatment prevents spotting and deep spills, it allows for convenient cleaning with moist towel.

Application of Vinyl and Rubber Protectant- The plastic, vinyl and rubber surfaces in the interior of the car get a natural shine on application of the protecting material. At Happy Bays, our main aim of using plastic, vinyl and rubber protective material is to rejuvenate those surfaces and neutralize the damaging effect caused by harmful ultraviolet rays. This protective substance prevents accumulation of dust and dirt and also imparts an attractive natural glaze to doors, console, dash and other regions of your vehicle.

Leather Protection, Cleaning and Conditioning- The leather surfaces are a very important part of the interior décor of your car and therefore they should be properly maintained. We understand that you don’t have the time to take constant care and hence our auto detailing Calgary professionals provide premium service to protect your luxurious leather interior. The leather is safeguarded from drying, fading or cracking due to continuous wear and tear. Availing car wash and other detailing services once per month, will preserve the leather interior and make it look fresh and new. Our car detailing Calgary NW solutions for protection of leather include both cleaning and conditioning. The experts at Happy Bays will smoothly clean the interior leather surfaces with a good quality industrial leather cleanser that is PH-balanced. Once the leather is thoroughly cleaned, a conditioner is applied to lock in the moisture. This helps in enhancing the life span of the leather, thus reducing the cost involved in frequent replacements.

Cleaning the Engine Bay

Many car detailing agents do not offer to clean the engine bay, but at Happy Bays, we feel that it is a very significant part of your vehicle and hence should be incorporated within automobile detailing. Our car wash Calgary solutions include misting the engine bay with water and then thoroughly cleaning it with the help of an appropriate degreaser. Once the engine bay is rinsed clean and is properly dried, all the rubber, plastic and silicone constituents are carefully dressed to prevent these components from cracking.

We also offer engine compartment detailing to thoroughly clean your engine. Engine degreaser is applied to get rid of the accumulated grime and dirt. Following this, you can also avail vinyl and rubber protectors to coat the rubber hoses present within the engine. In case your engine contains chrome, we will apply chrome polishes to restore the glaze.

Why should you choose our car detailing calgary service?

We understand that every customer has unique needs when it comes to employing a car detailing Calgary solutions provider. Be it car wash, car waxing, rust protection or any other service related to cleaning of your car, we have a range of packages and adequate facilities to address all your needs.

Dedicated servicemen:

Our car detailing Calgary professionals are extremely dedicated and will provide effective service with great expertise. We also understand that when it comes to car detailing, time is a major factor, because you would not be able to use the vehicle when it is with us. So, we try to provide efficient service within a short time for the convenience of our clients.

Latest techniques and equipments:

Our car detailing Calgary NW service is the best because we follow the latest techniques and procedures and our equipments are very compact. This compactness helps in gas, time and space. We use a low pressure washer system that properly cleanses the vehicle surface without forming scratches.

Quality work:

It is our constant endeavor to provide error free work so that you don’t face any kind of trouble because of deficiency in our service delivery. As a reputed car detailing Calgary NW outlet, we never compromise on quality and take complete ownership of the work that we do.

Environment friendly:

We use equipments and methodologies that are eco-friendly and do not harm the environment. For instance, when it comes to car washing, we will clean your car effectively and at the same time see to it that water is not wasted. We feel that as citizens of this earth it is our duty to conserve water. Dry wash service is also provided as and when necessary. Even for car waxing service, we use eco-friendly wax material.

Range of offerings at cost-effective rates:

Many service providers would provide you a simple car wash at a low cost. But when it comes to providing a range of facilities, many car owners find the prices highly expensive. At Happy Bays, by availing our auto detailing Calgary services, you will also get car waxing, car washing, rust protection and a range of other solutions at cost-effective rates. Our goal is to provide you optimum service without asking you to pay an excessive amount.

Happy Bays is a highly acclaimed car detailing service provider providing premier detailing solutions. For any kind of car detailing requirement like car wash Calgary NW, interior detailing, paint care and so on, contact us and avail our quality service.