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Fleet account & gift cards

Fleet Accounts

Happy Bays Car Wash offers fleet account to business and frequent customers. We offer 10 % discount on fleet accounts. Fleet account can be used for both touch free car wash and self serve car wash.

Your company or an individual can save money with a fleet discount. Business’s can also enjoy the convenience of detailed transaction history for easy record keeping and accounting.

You know how good it feels to get into a clean vehicle. Your clients feel the same way. Regular cleaning and maintenance upkeep of your fleet is vital. Not only does it make a positive impression, it's another way to preserve the value of your vehicle. Our Fleet Program is a convenient way to achieve these goals. Quick, efficient and economical, Happy Bays Car Wash is available for your entire car cleaning needs whether you would like to get a quick wand wash or go though our high velocity automatic wash.

Gift Cards

Would someone you know enjoy driving a beautifully clean car courtesy of you? Purchase a Happy Bays Gift Card, and make someone you know smile. Everyone loves a beautifully clean car. The gift cards can be purchased for any amount and for any of the services that Happybays offers. We will add 10 % extra value on your gift card as a gift from us (OFFER EXCLUDES DUPLICATE DISCOUNTS AND AUTO DETAILING SERVICES).

You want to give a friend a gift, but your friend "has everything" or you don't know what to give. Happy bays gift card is a quick and convenient way of paying for car wash which makes it a perfect gift.