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At Happy Bays, our experts offer auto detailing services with integrity and dedication, so that every part of your vehicle appears shiny, glittering and new. We offer both exterior and interior servicing.

Exterior detailing

It involves cleaning the car thoroughly and bringing a shine so far as the windows, chrome tin, paint, tires and wheels of the car are concerned. Various kinds of products are used for servicing including polishes, waxes, conditioners along with a range of special cloths and applicators.

Exterior detailing has three major components, polishing, cleaning and protecting. The cleaning solutions provided by Auto Detailing Calgary providers involve the removal of foreign particles from the exterior surface by utilizing claying and washing methodologies. A clay bar assists in doing away with dirt or contamination that accumulates inside the clear coat. This removes things like saps, tar, bugs and so on which weekly washing fails to eliminate.

In case of polishing, mechanical polishes are applied with the help of hands or a machine. Particular types of polishing pads are also used to do away with swirls or scratches that may be present on a paint surface as a result of drying or washing that is done improperly.

Protecting the exterior is also one of the vital services that Car Detailing Calgary providers offer. This includes applying a protective wax, which may be available in the form of a paste or a liquid. This wax aids in protecting the surface of the car by preventing foreign particles from sticking. Such foreign matters may include bug splatter, dirt, tar or simply water. Sealants and waxes create this barrier against the particles. Considering the entire servicing process offered by Happy Bays Auto Detailing Calgary techs, wax is one of the most costly substances that are used.

Interior Detailing

This kind of auto detailing services involve cleaning of your vehicle's passenger compartment. Once you Book Auto Detailing, comprehensive solutions are given to you which involve thorough cleaning of the inside of the car too. It includes extensive cleaning and maintenance of panels, the dash area, seats as well as windows. Vacuuming is a part of the standard procedure and any stains existing on the upholstery may be removed through using liquid cleaner, steam cleaning and brushes. Polishing of certain non-porous surfaces are also done.

You can also book an appointment for thorough cleaning beneath the hood of your vehicle. In doing so, degreasers, water under high-pressure and multi-purpose cleaners are utilized.

At Happy Bays, we also provide Carpet and Upholstery Shampoo Service which involves the following:

  • Thorough inspection of the upholstery and carpet of your car for identification of the services that need to be offered.
  • The Car Detailing Calgary providers offer shampooing, passing of compressed air as well as other methods according to the needs of the car. Removal of debris and dust, killing of bacteria, vacuuming for control of sand, animal hair, etc- everything is done professionally.
  • Through application of stain pre-spotters or cleaning agents, any soil accumulated within the base of the fibers is mechanically loosened and lifted.

Book an Auto Detailing Appointment online with Happy Bays by filling the form and get a fine, polished car with our premier services.