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Terms and Conditions — Happy Bays Car & Dog Wash

1. Definition

'Happy Bays' ­ means the Happy Bays Car & Dog Wash Including its parent company, lessee and lessor of business.; The term "Happy Bays" should also include any individuals or sub contractor designated to perform service.
'Customer or Client' ­ means individuals or organization or business that uses or purchase the services or goods offered by Happy Bays.
'Service' means the goods & services provided by Happy Bays.
'Facility' means the property owned by Happy Bays or its employees including websites, Land, Building or equipment.

2. Acceptance of the Terms

Customers using our facility, services or Happy Bays web sites will be deemed to have accepted these terms and conditions.

3. Extra Charges

Subject to the terms and conditions of Happy Bays LTD's extra detailing charges for larger vehicles are calculated on each count separately, for base service package and for any add—ons. Rates advertised are for sedan and hatch back cars only. Small SUV's ,station wagons, Large SUV's, Pickup trucks, Mini vans and other larger vehicles are charged extra. Vehicles with pet hairs and excessive soil are also charged extra. Please call or email us for price estimate of your vehicle.

4. Products & Goods Disclaimer

All of the products sold by Happy Bays Car & Dog Wash are at the sole responsibility of their respective manufacturer. Happy Bays offers no warranty either expressed or implied on any of the products that they sell. In the event that there is an issue covered by the manufacturer, the customer is solely responsible for any costs that are incurred.

5. Engine or Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning

Certain detailing services include cleaning of the engine compartment and components or shampooing of carpet & Upholstery or steam cleaning. Happy Bays is not responsible for any damage resulting from these services, temporary or otherwise, including but not limited to that may as a result from water or chemicals interfering with engine function or damaging any other component.

6. Liability Disclaimer

Use of facility including but not limited to self serve, automatic car wash, Websites or car detailing services is solely at customer's own risk. Please read and follow the instructions on the signs. If you are not certain about anything please seek help in front office. The information, material and content provided in the pages of the Websites, including pricing information, is believed to be reliable but there is no guarantee that it is accurate, complete or current at all times.

7. Wet Sanding or Scratch Removal

Certain detailing services include wet sanding to remove deep scratches in the vehicle’s clear coat finish. Company is not responsible for any damage that may result to the painted surface should the sanding process penetrate the clear coat and damage the paint finish.

8. Modification of Terms & Conditions

At any time and from time to time, and without Your consent, We may unilaterally amend, modify, or change this Agreement or Websites in Our sole discretion and without any notice or cause. By continuing to use the facility or services or Website after any amendment, modification, or change, You have agreed to be bound by all such amendments, modifications, and changes. Therefore, please carefully review this Agreement on a regular basis to maintain awareness of all amendments, modifications, and changes.

9. General

The terms clarify only general terms & conditions of Happy Bays. For detailed terms and conditions of certain services including but not limited to car detailing and window tinting please refer to the terms and conditions printed on the back of work order or invoice.