Modern cars are technologically advanced and use all the modern equipments for maximum safety of the user. Everyday some new fancy equipment comes up and is used in the car to increase the level of safety. There are also some side effects of automated braking system such as the car may freak out when you try to wash it. The automated driver assistance safety system in the modern car is too much advanced and cause great problem to the car when you tend to wash the car. The sensory safety system which prevents the car from crashes on the road might even disable your automobile. The system can overload when you use spinning brushes to spray water on the car system. Car wash technology may be understood only by car wash professionals. Whether you want interior cleaning or exterior car cleaning service, you must look for professionals.


Collision Avoidance System may get lock down

You are aware of Collision Avoidance System which scans the area automatically much ahead of time to prevent the vehicle from dashing against any obstacle or automobile in the way. If there is any obstacle on the path, the car brakes will be engaged. You may say that this feature is really life-saving when driving on the highway but it must not be used or kept open during the car wash. The entire system may lock down when it faces water curtains or water element. The vehicle may halt on the track, leading to a vehicle collision. Car detailing professional must be aware of this.

Automated Parking Brakes

The electronic parking brake is meant to prevent accident due to vehicle roll away. Roll away accident is pretty much common and so automated parking brake performs an important function. Modern vehicles are equipped with such system which automatically detects a rolling motion. This function is performed even when the vehicle is switched off or is in neutral condition. ‘Shift to Park System’ locks the tires while the car stays in the neutral state and doors kept open. This situation poses a challenge to professionals doing interior car cleaning Calgary. It is real challenge to interior detailing team.

Automatic wiper gets torn off

Are you looking for car detailing Calgary? The detailing service will cover interior and exterior reconditioning, and car washing is also included. The spinning brush for car cleaning should be used carefully for that can tear off automatic wiper. The moment water is applied to the vehicle, car wipers get engaged in between and tears off with the spinning brush. Make sure you turn off this feature prior to starting Car detailing or car wash.

Car interior cleaning Calgary may consume a lot of time and effort. Since modern cars are technologically advanced, it is wise to hire professionals who know the safety measures to be adopted. Doing interior car cleaning or car detailing inefficiently can cause more problem. If you want to feel the pride of owning a car, you have to maintain it. Spending some time and money can give good results. It may totally transform entire look of the car.