dear one in anybody’s hands! Scanning through the writing you will get a roadmap for selecting safe and able hands for your pet. Pick the right one from many good options at Calgary.

But, before going for finding the perfect dog groomer, you need to know your pet very well.

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Know your Pet Well Enough

For that you need to know the exact category that your dog belongs to, its characteristics, nature of your pet (not all Alsatian are of exact same nature. They too have their individuality like human beings!).

After being aware of your pet, arm yourself with the knowledge of what is the best course of grooming for them. What are specially helpful and damaging for your pet need to be known to you so that you do not meet undesirable consequences.

For example, be aware of the facts like your pet dog expresses their unease by being restless or your cat becomes aloof if they are unhappy or the kind of dog wash that will suit your heavily furred puppy. Knowledge of their special traits, habits, likes and dislikes, will help you to guide a pet groomer to work in a harmonious way. This will bring the best result.

Criteria for a Good Pet Grooming Service

Your chances of success are more when you are well equipped with the right information. Here are few points and reminders:

  • Apart from searching the internet, get feedbacks from different sources regarding the credibility of dog wash and pet grooming services available in the localities of Calgary.
  • Check the websites and reviews thoroughly. Try to know directly from their clients.
  • Know about the eligibility of their groomers, mode of operation, equipment used and compare charges.
  • After short listing, personally visit grooming service stations and check their space and the groomers.
  • See if the facility maintains hygiene, is well lit and ventilated.
  • Watch the groomers in action. Do they seem efficient and caring? Talk to them.
  • Know if regular monitoring of pets being done and necessary records are maintained.

After you finalize on selecting a grooming service, start taking action to make your pet ready for it

Prepare your Pet for Professional Grooming

Acquaint your pet with the new place and the groomers by taking your pet to the place few times before starting the process. Make them feel comfortable with the groomer.
To make your pet tolerate the grooming process you yourself start giving them a little bit of grooming now and then when they are relaxed. Increase the time of grooming bit by bit and reward them for being cooperative.
If your pet is particularly difficult to deal with by a groomer, opt for an animal behavior specialist or animal trainer.


Make a good bond with your pet groomer. Detail them with all that is necessary and continue to guide through the process.
For the sake of your dog who you value so much, you will surely go that extra mile. A little bit of hard work will increase the happiness quotient of both of you and your beloved.
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