Besides car scratches, swirl marks and other problems, a car owner also has to face another problem with car paint, which is- fading. Car paint fading occurs due to many reasons, however, with proper maintenance, this problem can be avoidable. So, if you are a car owner, who is worried thinking how to protect your car’s paint from fading, and what are the causes, then this blog is for you. In this blog, we have mentioned the causes and some of the best ways to prevent the problem.

Now, if your car paint is already has become faded, and has other problems then you should visit the car detailer for detailing your car. If you live in Calgary NW and want to avail car detailing in Calgary NW service, then make sure to visit a good car detailer.

Let’s start discussing the topic, and explore causes and ways to prevent car paint fading.

What Causes Car Paint Fading?

There are many causes of car paint fading. Let’s check out some of the causes here.

UV Rays

UV rays can cause great damage to a car’s paint. It is one of the reasons that gives way to paint fading and degradation. This is because due to the combination of oxygen and heat, oxidation is triggered, in this the heat part is the contribution of the UV rays of the sun. When your car is continuously exposed to UV rays, it penetrates the clear coat and heats the paint. Now, this way the car body also gets exposed to oxygen, and the paint starts to fade away.

Abrasive Cleaners

Using cleaners that are rough on your car’s paint can cause it to fade away. When you wash the car with such cleaner it makes the car’s exterior rough, and for rubbing it slowly remove the top coat, and gradually trigger paint fading. So, you must always use a car-friendly cleaner that is mild and can effectively clean the car without causing car paint to fade.


Pollutants such as carbon particulates can cause damage to the car’s paint. These pollutants are hard and sticky and can sit stubbornly on the car’s clear coat that exposes the paint. Further, it can also contribute to oxidation, which can cause the car’s paint to fade.


Salt is extremely harmful to the car, as when a car is exposed to salt, the salt can eat away the car’s paint, and then not only your car paint will fade but also, rust can develop.

Top Ways to Prevent Car Paint Fading

Now, let’s take a look at the different ways that would help to prevent car paint fading.

Parking car under the shade

Although, it may not be possible you should consider parking your car under a shade. This way it will stay safe from UV rays, and also from pollutants to some extent, and your car’s paint will stay protected.

Cover your car

By covering your car, you will be able to prevent car paint from fading easily. Yes! As it will create a barrier between the problems that cause car paint fading, like UV rays, pollutants, salt and etc.

Washing the car routinely

Washing your car routinely also helps to protect your car’s paint from fading. This is because when a car has been washed the pollutants, and contaminants, which can cause paint fading are washed away.

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Waxing car

Applying car wax is one of the best waysto protect your car’s paint. As it helps to act as a protective layer between the car’s paint, and external factors, and prevent car paint fading effectively.

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Conclusion Car paint helps to protect the metal body of the car, besides enhancing the appearance of the car. Therefore, it is important to preserve car paint. However, it would be unrealistic to expect that your car paint will stay as it is for a long time. As mentioned above it may get scratches, swirl marks, water spots and endure many other problems. Likewise, it can also fade away. So, if you want to avail car wash to protect it or a car detailing service to restore faded paint with repainting.