Every parent who has driven their kids around in their cars would know the pain when a look at the back seat would tell them there is a whole day of cleaning to look forward. Food crumbs, toys, interior damage, and likes are quite common in such situations. The only thing that can save the car would be going for a thorough interior car cleaning in Calgary. You can, however, make a few rules for your kids inside the car to ensure the damage is the least that could happen. Let’s take you through some of these tips and tricks. 

Stop the kids from making the car interior messy

The first and foremost thing that you can ask your kids to ensure is they don’t bring any food items inside the car. This would strike off any problem for a crumb-filled back seat. If you make this rule, then you would also note that there would be no gravy spills as well, thereby leaving no food particles hiding in between seats. While you can keep this in mind for short trips, it is almost impossible to follow for long road trips. In that case, you can opt for fast food and quick snacks that won’t spill.

Install cup holders

Cup holders are the perfect component for your car’s interior. It holds your cups and glasses in place, ensuring that no drop of the drink is spilled on the seat or floor mat. Irrespective of the work that they are supposed to do, most of the time cup holders become a mini can, where you store knick-knacks. Unquestionably, daily usage of the cup would leave crumbles inside, and it would be challenging to clean in the long run. The most effortless way to keep your cup holders clean is by placing some cupcake liners inside them. No kidding. The cupcake liners act as a barrier from letting the crumbles fall inside the cup holder, and all you have to do is get the liners replaced to clean the holder.

Replace the floor mat with a bath rug

The most damage to the interior of a car is borne by the floor mat. It not only gets dirty from the shoes but also takes the damage from spilled drinks and food as well. Interior car cleaning in Calgary starts from thoroughly washing the floor mats, and it takes a lot of effort and time to clean up. A quick tip to incorporate that can not only protect the floor mats but also act as a barrier for a lot of items from falling on them is of keeping bath rugs on top of them. It would not let any food crumbs or spills damage the floor mat and would make cleaning simpler. 

A seat cover is mandatory

The simplest way to save your seats from getting damaged is by using a seat cover. One should never underrate the benefits of seat covers when it comes to keeping the car’s interior in check. If your kid is young and you have a light-coloured interior, the cover would come of huge help. They would act as guards, and your seat would be saved from kick marks.

Conclusion: Keeping the interiors of a car clean can not only make your car look as great as new but can also maintain its endurance level. While you can do as much as possible to ensure that the seats don’t get damaged, you cannot avoid it altogether. It is thus, always recommended that you go to professionals for giving your car a quick cleanup. Happy Bays, a well-renowned company that offers interior car cleaning in Calgary, would be pleased to be at your assistance. Should you want to know more about Happy Bays, get in touch at 403-247-8338.