Keeping a dog as pet can be an enriching and fun filled experience for the whole family. The love exuded by your dog can only make you marvel at its intelligence, which is an experience of its kind to soak into and rejoice. This is not to forget its role in guarding your house every second of the day throughout the year. Moreover, as a much loved member of your household, the antics of your dog can be a source of amusement for everyone. However, notwithstanding the love you have for your beloved dog, it becomes a responsibility on your part to take care of its health and hygiene. Apart from taking it to the veterinarian from time to time or as and when the situation demands, keeping your furry friend clean is a routine that you cannot ignore no matter how busy you are. The following are the grooming tips that you can easily follow at home or at a professionally run service centre such as dog and pet wash in Calgary.

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Brushing: Depending on the breed and type of hair your dog possesses, you can use brushing to untangle your furry friend from unwanted hair. A dog with matted hair can become a nest for parasites and germs, which if left unclean, can lead to diseases. Besides, brushing can build a lovely bond with your furry friend as for most of the time it is a routine that is commonly enjoyed by dogs.

However, care should be taken to choose the right kind of bristles while undertaking the brushing exercise. The frequency of brushing too would depend on the type of hair your dog has, for example, for long hair ones, brushing can be done on a daily basis. On the other hand, for medium to short hair types brushing can be restricted from a week to a fortnight basis.

Bathing: This is an exercise that most owners tend to tread with caution. This is because a good number of dogs are not particularly inclined to go through this routine. The ungainly sight of wet dogs running around the house stomping on everything deters many owners from bathing their pets. However, shying away from the task is not the solution, for bathing your dog forms an integral part of the overall grooming process and maintenance of hygiene.

If you shudder at the thought of taking your dog to the bath tub, it is better to engage the services of dog wash in Calgary, for professionals at the centre are trained to do such a thing at economical rates. Such centres have designated ‘bathing seats’ where your furry friend can enjoy the process of scrubbing and bathing with a soap free dog shampoo. In fact, you too can use the facility should you feel your dog has not quite taken fancy to the professionals present there.