As per the latest research, more than 400,000 get injured and more than 3,000 people die every year in accidents owing to distracted driving. It is high time we all agree that even a single death or injury that happens because of careless driving is something really catastrophic. People should take necessary steps to improve their own driving habits and encourage others to execute the same sin order to make the roads safer for everyone.

Road Accidents

Many careless driving incidents center on multitasking like texting and driving. Hence, this is not the only way that people lose concentration while driving. The fact is that all of us do things everyday when we remain behind the wheel and that steal our attention to the various things that are happening outside our vehicles from the road ahead of us. While texting and driving at the time of driving is something everyone should avoid, everybody needs to do his or her part to curb these dangerous behaviors resulting in fatal climax.

Here are some silly things that people do when they drive and these can be as distracting and dangerous as texting, eating, drinking and driving.

  • Searching for a Song

Music has been an essential part of driving we hardly think twice about bringing our mp3 players or iPods into the vehicles. Nevertheless, just hitting a button to change radio stations or skipping music on a CD and scrolling through the playlist on your gadget can make a big difference. And that difference is the amount of time your eyes require to be somewhere and not on the road. Try to pick your song before you start your vehicle or simply stick tuning in to whatever is playing on the radio.

  • Going Online

Texting, tweeting, emailing, and browsing the internet are all things which need to wait until your vehicle is in park.

  • Talking

Just like doing anything on your cell phone, talking is also distracting. If you need to talk when you drive, look for a car which will make you able to take calls through the sound system. Thus, you won’t require you to do anything with your hands or eyes during the phone call except for watching the road and drive the car.

Follow these rules and be attentive while driving and keep your car well maintained with premium car detailing services.