Owning a car can be a dream come true for a lot of people, including me, but maintaining the same can be a really big headache. Trust me when I say I have had several people come up to me asking for an opinion about the products to use for the maintenance of the car and still failing to make the car protected. The one suggestion that I try to follow every time and mention to my friends and family members as well to opt for auto detailing in Calgary during the winter season. Why, you ask? Well, let us get straight into this blog to find out!

Why Opt for Auto detailing during winter?

If I have to give you one solid reason for the same, I would say, road salt. As residents of Calgary, we all know the intensity of the winter season and the roads in need of salting during the months. What we don’t know is that road salt will exfoliate the paint because of its abrasive nature and then aid in the corrosion of the metal surface of the car. 

Other natural elements found during the winter such as mud, snow, ice, and debris tend to stick to the car much longer and thereby trap the moisture against the finish. Frequently washing the car is recommended during these months, and so is going for car detailing in Calgary. This process will ensure that there is a sealant on the surface acting as a protective barrier and filling in the scratches and pores, thereby making the exterior smooth. 

Interior Car Detailing

While we all concentrate on the exterior of the vehicle when it comes to detailing, we often tend to ignore the effects of the season on the interior. The salt, mud, and water that cling to your clothing and shoes can come inside the car as you step inside and then sit on the upholstery, thereby ruining it completely. If you don’t opt for interior auto detailing in Calgary during the winter season, with time, you might even find an odour and stubborn stains. 

What Does Car Detailing Include?

I always start the detailing procedure with the thorough washing of the vehicle. I then follow it up with sealants and waxes to save the fresh coat of paint from getting disturbed during this season. This also ensures that there is no corrosion or permanent damage to the vehicle, even when there is a terrible snowfall in the region. I also tend to use several repellants on the windshield to ensure that the snow doesn’t stick to the glass and you have increased visibility throughout. A highly recommended step is carrying microfiber clothes with you so that you can prevent any buildup before it gets too late. 

Conclusion: As we step into the harsh winter months, caring for your vehicle should be the first thing in your mind if you want to keep it in top-notch condition. Happy Bays Car Wash is one of the best places for car detailing in Calgary because the professionals are trained for the job, and the facility offers different packages with unique requirements to choose from. So, why are you waiting? Get in touch with us, and let’s get you all prepared for the winter!