When it comes to auto detailing, there are certain myths popular among car owners. Here are some of these myths that car owners need to dispose of and prevent harming their cars.

 You Can Wash Your Vehicle Anytime

At first instance, it seems correct, until you reconsider it. You may wash your vehicle whenever you feel like, but in no way, you can wash it anytime. Hence, if you wash your car that was parked in the sun or you just drove in, the heated body of the vehicle will leave water spots and mineral deposits as there will be rapid drying of the soap and water. Instead, waiting for the car to cool down is a much easier option.

 Dishwashing Detergent Works Wonders

Although this myth has been pointed out many times before, there are many who don’t seem to accept it. So to remind once more, a dishwashing detergent is quite a preferred option for washing. In addition to removing grease, oil, and dirt, the detergent also removes the polymer that protects the paint finish.

 Cleaning And Washing Are Same

While cleaning leaves the car’s exterior sparking, auto detailing includes much more and takes more time and cost. Auto cleaning helps to remove stubborn stains on the interior and should be performed a few times each year.

 Shiny Equals Clean

We often espouse this myth. A shiny and sparkling clean car does not mean it is free of dirt. The best way to find it out is to make a touch test. If done correctly, the body will feel smooth as glass. And if there is a feeling of bumps, it means otherwise. Why not use a clay bar to remove the dirt that is stuck on the surface.

 Polishing And Waxing Are the Same

If anything, note that polishing and waxing have vast differences. While polishing makes the car’s surface shiny, waxing focuses on providing better protection to the surface finish. And this is achieved through the use of waxing, silicone, and polymers. You cannot make a dull surface shiny with waxing.

 Waxing Lifespan Is Up To Five Years

This is undoubtedly a sales pitch. Whatever is said about wax by the dealer or manufacturer, the fact remains that it is only the working conditions of the car on which the lifespan of wax depends.

 You Wash When It Is Dirty

The sad part is that car washing is resorted to only when the dirt collected on the surface of the car is noticeable. The worst thing is that the accumulated dirt on the car’s surface slowly removes the wax on the paint surface and starts damaging the paint finish. Ensure to make washing as a regular schedule for maintaining your vehicle.


Choosing a professional service facility for auto detailing in Calgary is an important decision. However, poor detailing can result in doing more harm than good, and that means it is a wastage of your money and time.

 At Happy Bays, the car detailing professionals offer a complete clean-up of your vehicle, ensuring that every bit of dirt and grime are removed, for both the interior and exterior of your car. We check all the boxes that you look for when selecting a professional car detailing facility.