Touch free car washing has been around for some time now; however, not long that car owners have been adopting this type of car care. This form of auto wash technique is also known as laser car wash and as the name implies, it applies laser-guided technology to take away dirt, dust, grime, muck, and mud to give a face-lift your vehicle’s appearance. Dozens of incredibly strong laser beams are used to manipulate the machines that work on specific spots on your vehicle to get rid of the dirt. With this system, you don’t have to worry about harsh cleansing agents, rough wash cloths or inappropriate method ever again.

Touch free car wash

Let’s have a discussion about what’s the big deal about this automatic car cleaning and the factors that set it apart from other auto cleaning methods available today.


Stunning Results

Touch free auto cleaning lives up to his name, as no part of your vehicle will be touched all through the washing process. All one needs to do is to drive into the facility allowing the machines do their work. In addition, you can still expect to get the same stunning results that you used to get from your conventional auto detailing jobs. Hence, with this car wash technique, your vehicle will get dirt free without the risk of damage or scratches.


Touch less auto wash is also relatively inexpensive as it does not use highly specialized cleaning products to get the cleaning job done and you can easily afford this service regularly. For a bit extra, you can even have the wheels and undercarriage detailed to get the full-service results at less than what you would usually pay for the same services for a quality auto detailing package.

How it works?

The cleaning process can be broken down into three major parts.

1.    First, your vehicle is lathered twice with car soap to make sure that the entire vehicle is freed from filth all over.
2.    Then, it is treated to a high-pressure spot-free rinse after going through the wash bay.
3.    Lastly, triple-foaming polish is used to leave you with a vehicle that is neat as a pin and gleaming as a diamond.

The complete procedure takes less than thirty minutes, depending on how sophisticated the automatic car wash system is. As no brush ever touches the surface of your vehicle, you can say goodbye to uneven brush spots and ugly swirl marks.

The efficiency of a touch free car wash service is unbeaten. The machines used are ultra-advanced and the cleaning products are easy to apply and rinse off. This is the best option if you are in a hurry or simply in the hunt for a fast, satisfactory clean.