Over the years of my experience, I have seen several car owners coming in with different issues with their vehicles but not all of them are aware of the exact things that they require. For some, they want to opt for a car wash even though their cars definitely need much more. For the others, they throw around some fancy words about car washes that aren’t even required by their vehicles. Ill-informed customers can end up spending a lot more than expected, and so, today, I have come up with the most common terms used by car wash facilities that can help you. 

Common Car Wash Glossary

When it comes to a car wash, you need to be aware of the things that you require and be clear with the cleaning professional to get the desired results. So, let’s understand the various terms that might help you through this uncomplicated task of car wash:

  1. Automatic Car Wash: If you are someone who is looking for a no-time-waste washing of the exterior of your car, the best way to go is by opting for an automatic car wash in Calgary. This includes a tunnel wash where the car goes through a podium that has jets all around. These jets spray soapy water on the vehicle, and the force of it cleans all the dirt and grime from the surface. As a no-fuss washing technique, this is the most sought-after technique for busy professionals. 
  1. Car Detailing: When it comes to taking care of the car as a whole you need to check on both the interior and the exterior. Car detailing is all about deep cleaning the vehicle as much as possible. It includes washing, waxing, and polishing your car along with claying, headlight restoration, paint, and rust protection. The professionals, through car detailing, also shampoos and conditions the car upholstery, thereby removing any stains or odor from there as well. 
  1. Self-Serve Car Wash: More often than not, I have seen people coming into my facility asking for a car wash and sitting there, instructing the professionals every step of the way. The best way to go for them is to opt for wand wash in CalgaryThis service includes a private bay where the customers get all the facilities they could ask for in a car wash. You can insert coins into a machine based on the services you need and then use the features of the bay to wash your car by yourself. This technique is exceptionally helpful for those who like to care for their car by themselves and don’t have the access to the special chemicals and equipment required for the same.

Conclusion: The two most widely chosen options by car owners are automatic car wash in Calgary and wand wash in Calgary. Both these options give the owners the freedom of choice and have no limit on the expenses as well. You can customize the options as you please and see the difference that it makes. At Happy Bays Car Wash, we provide a wide range of such services in various price brackets to give a hundred percent customer satisfaction. Get in touch with the team at info@happybays.com for more details!