A car is a big investment in every car owner’s life. Hence, most car owners are very attached and feel proud of their cars. Besides, they also harbor a desire for long-lasting service from their cars. So, while exploring how to keep their car in top shape, they come across several services such as car washing, car detailing, and etc. And, it is natural to have queries, and questions about these services to understand whether the services will offer proper results. One such service is auto detailing or car detailing, since auto detailing covers a lot of services and are complex than car washing services, car owners have a lot of questions in their minds regarding. In this blog, we have identified some of the most common questions that are asked to detailing service providers and answered them. If you are a car owner who has also just come across the word ‘auto detailing’ and is curious to know about it, then you may find answers to your questions as well.

However, it is important to keep in mind that you should always get your car detailed under experienced detailers for the best results. So, if you are in Calgary, and planning to get your car detailed then you must approach the best service provider offering auto detailing in Calgary.

Now, let’s take at the most-asked questions and their answers about auto-detailing.

What is auto detailing?

Auto detailing refers to a performing series of procedures to clean, restore and protect the car by using professionals’ tools and techniques. The procedures may include some cosmetic touch-ups to give your car a proper makeover and repair its defects and issues.

Is car washing and detailing different?

Yes, car washing and detailing are completely different. Car washing is a part of car detailing and simply means cleaning the car with car-friendly cleaning agents, rinsing with water and drying. While car washing is strictly limited to the car exterior and undercarriage etc, car detailing on the other hand involves interior and exterior detailing. The latter requires a lot of tools, techniques, effort and precision.

What car detailing involves?

Car detailing service covers a lot of services. Firstly, it is important to say that both the exterior and interior of the car can be detailed. Exterior car detailing involves car washing, polishing, buffing, painting, headlight and taillight restoration services, undercarriage washing, rust protection and many other services. On the other hand, interior car detailing, includes total interior cleaning, fabric guard treatment, leather seat conditioning, upholstery cleaning and shampooing, germ treatment and many other services. Also, under interior cleaning, you can avail engine bay cleaning services. Thus, proper car detailing includes everything that a car detailer requires to keep his/her car in top condition.

If you are someone who lives in Calgary and required car detailing service, make sure to receive the best results you must contact leading auto detailing in Calgary service providers.

Does car detailing give results?

Car detailing goes beyond car cleaning and the included services offer remedies to multiple issues and challenges that a car can face in its lifetime. For example, with time a car can get scratches, its paint can become dull and eventually it can get rust. To prevent further degradation of the car, services such as polishing, painting and rust protection are offered. This service genuinely helps to preserve a car, and this is why experts recommendroutine car detailing. As it helps to keep the car in tip-top condition.

How often should I detail my car?

A car continuously comes across different challenges, for example, weather elements, dirt, road salt and UV rays of the sun are harmful to the car. Since a car owner can’t protect the car every time from all these challenges, experts suggest routine detailing. While it depends on the car owner to decide whether he/she will detail the car, according to experts it is important to detail the car bi-annually. Also, it is important to point out the same time that seasonal detailing especially during the monsoon and winter months is recommended. This is because during these two months the car can confront challenges such as road salts in winter and mud and exposure to high-level of moisture during monsoon.

Conclusion There can be many questions regarding auto-detailing, however, we have narrowed it down to some of the most important questions in this blog.  Hopefully, we have been successful in clearing your queries by answering some of the basic questions on car detailing. It can be easily said that a proper car detailing service can restore a car’s look and give it shine and a complete makeover. However, what you need are experienced detailers, so if you are someone who lives in Calgary and looking for a reliable service provider offering car detailing in Calgary, then you can get in touch with Happy Bays Car Wash and Detail Center. If you want to contact us, then dial 403-247-8338