Did you just get yourself a new furry friend? Well, you must then be quite thorough with the  responsibilities that you must be undertaking on its behalf. Show your pooch the love it deserves and shower it with the utmost care and attention to look after its various needs. Dog grooming can be extremely cathartic not only for your pets but makes the entire experience an exciting one for the owners too. The process enhances the look of the dogs and also keeps them healthy and fighting fit throughout its lifetime.

Tips for Newbie Dog Owners
Dog wash and dog grooming involve a lot of steps that depend on the size, breed, health condition and of course the temperament of the dog. It is a given that dogs with longer hair and double coats require a lot more care and grooming than those with lesser hair and a lighter coat. It is essential that your furry friends are regularly groomed to avoid hygiene issues as well as untoward health consequences. Take a look at a few of the important steps that you need to abide by to make the entire process a fruitful and enjoyable one for your beloved pets.

A Thorough Brush
It is always advised to have the hair trimmed and the coat combed thoroughly before you give them a wash. This makes it easier to remove the tangles and the loose furs come out easily. An untangled coat when combed after the wash can result in a lot of pain due to the knots that would inevitably form.

Take Good Care Of Its Teeth
Make sure that the teeth and the gums remain clean of all the residual food after a meal. The use of toothpastes that are made exclusively for the dogs should also be used and not those that you use regularly as part of your own dental hygiene. Dogs tend to swallow the pastes so make sure you keep a keen eye on them during the process. Brushes that are designed particularly for the dogs should also be used to clean their teeth as these brushes are extremely gentle on the teeth.

Take Good Care Of The Ears And The Eyes
Make use of a moist towel while cleaning the corners of their eyes. Goop, discharge and other impurities get accumulated there the most. Ear infections and minor irritations can be avoided easily if the ears are regularly cleaned off of ear wax. Get hold of some of the prescribed cleaning solution or wax to clean the build-up of dirt.

Dry Your Dog After You Bathe Them
Make bathing a relaxing experience for your dogs and use only a mild shampoo to wash its coat. While washing him, ensure that the soap suds do not remain embedded in the coats as this can lead to itchiness. You can either let the coat get dried naturally or pat their bodies gently using soft towels. Hair dryers can also be used to do the job faster, however, make sure, you use the best of the kinds to avoid unfortunate reactions with their coats.

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