The state of a car’s paint is among the main elements impacting its overall appearance and resale value. Sustaining the paint makes a significant impact, regardless of whether you want to retain your automobile for many years ahead or sell it. How to stop and handle paint oxidation is something every car owner ought to be aware of. So, in this blog, we will tell you about the major factors that cause paint oxidation and how auto detailing in Calgary can save your car from it. 

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Major Reasons Causing Car Paint Oxidation  

Take a closer look at these reasons. 

  • Exposure to UV Rays 

Do you leave your car outdoors every time? If you do not have a driveway or garage, parking on the street can be your only choice. However, prolonged exposure to direct sunshine will eventually result in issues with automobile paint. Consider what happens to our bodies if we do not apply sunblock to shield ourselves from the sun’s damaging rays. Unprotected skin dries up, loses its oils, and has a worn-out appearance. The damage caused to car paintwork is similar. The oils in automobile paint give your car its gleaming showroom sheen. UV rays damage the paint, and when heat and oxygen from the air are present, a chemical reaction is started. This is what leads to the oxidation of the paint. Your car color and sheen suffer as the painted oil dries out. 

  • Increase in Contaminants 

Why does paint oxidize? The elevated and smooth appearance of automotive paintwork will eventually be impacted by environmental pollution and an accumulation of pollutants. For instance, high-traffic regions with carbon pollution from car exhaust can physically alter the outside of your automobile. Even though they are invisible to the unaided eye, rough and minute carbon-based particles quickly accumulate on paintwork and harm the clear coat. When taking off a topcoat, professional car detailing in Calgary care must be used, or else overdoing it can completely remove the paint protection. Otherwise, this might make it possible for the substances that lead to paint oxidation to easily assault the paintwork and harm it even more. 

  • Using Abrasive Car Cleaning Supplies 

Take care while using automobile cleaning chemicals if you are wondering what leads to paint oxidation. Many of the potent and abrasive cleaners may not always be friendly to the paint finish on your automobile. While abrasive cleansers frequently contribute to the progressive deterioration of a car’s topcoat, harsh solutions have the ability to take away the lubricants in paint. Corrosion is a possibility once the sun’s rays and oxygen reach any exposed places. If this occurs, it is critical to understand how to eliminate oxidation before the issue gets worse. 

Tips to Prevent Car Paint Oxidation  

Always consider professional help to prevent car paint oxidation well in time. 

  • Repainting a car’s original paint 

It is advisable to take immediate action if you spot the first indications of paint oxidation. The same as with rust, the longer erosion is allowed to occur, the more paint damage develops. You may restore fading automobile paint by giving it a thorough polish with a fluid abrasive, followed by a wax coating. You must contact service providers for auto detailing in Calgary for it. Do this frequently to restore your car’s luster and lessen UV damage. 

  • Painting the Vehicle 

Significantly damaged oxidized paint can need more intrusive treatment from a professional. The worst cases of oxidation occur when the automobile is murky and has white areas of discomfort or flakiness. You could need an expert touch-up or a whole fresh coat of paint in this area. Repainting your automobile completely restores the glossy shine and keeps the paint from corroding in the future. Even though it is a larger investment, it will be worthwhile when the time comes to trade or sell the automobile.  


Get your automobile to a facility for car detailing in Calgary if you have been struggling with these issues and they are causing damage to the car finish. We at Happy Bays will be pleased to assist you with this. We have the expertise to restore your car paint to its original standards so you can go back to the road at the very next moment! Call us now to get in touch with us.